Protecting you from the moment you’re handed your keys

New home warranty is a product that protects your home against defects that might arise during the homebuilding process.

1 Year

Materials and Labour

Coverage for defects in materials and labour (baseboard, flooring, trim)

2 Years

Distribution Systems

Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (heating, electrical, plumbing).

Violations of Building Code

Violations that constitute unreasonable health and safety risk, and that have or may result in material damage to the home.

Defects in Labour, Materials & Design

Coverage for defects in materials, labour that render the new home unfit to live in.

Building Envelope

Defects in labour, materials, and design in the building envelope, including water penetration (exterior cladding, caulking, windows, doors).

OPTIONAL: Extended Building Envelope coverage for 3 additional years

7 Years


Coverage for structural defects such as frame and foundation.

OPTIONAL: Extension for 3 additional years

For additional details regarding warranty coverage and/or coverage limits, please refer to the home’s Home Warranty Certificate.

Your new home warranty

If you have questions about your new home warranty certificate and what’s covered, or not covered, please contact us.

Change of ownership?

All home warranty products stay with the home, not the homeowner. To update homeowner information, please contact us.

Filing a Claim