Support when you need it most

The best way to ensure you end up with the home you purchased (or renovated) is trusting your claim with Canada’s most experienced third-party new home warranty provider, who provides one of the strongest construction defect coverages in Canada offering services to support you when you need it most.

If a defect exists, complete and submit a claim in writing to The New Home Warranty Insurance (Canada) Corporation (NHWICC) either electronically or by mail. Your claim must be received by us no later than the expiry date of your Home Warranty Certificate or Renovation Warranty Certificate coverage period.

  • Contact us to receive a copy of the “file a claim” form

You must also provide written notice to your homebuilder including details of any specific defects covered by your Home Warranty Certificate

Upon receipt of your claim, we’ll confirm we’ve received it and will review the submitted details.

If it’s determined that your claim is not valid or not covered under the Home Warranty Certificate, we’ll notify you of the decision in writing, setting out the reasons for the decision.

We will contact the homebuilder to review your claim issues and report back on their findings. Sometimes, a third party or one of our Claim Assessors will conduct the assessment and once we’ve reviewed all details, will notify you of what is covered under your warranty policy, setting out the reasons for the decision(s).

If necessary, repairs to defects will be undertaken in a timely manner, with reasonable consideration given to weather conditions and the availability of materials and labour.

On completion of any repairs, we’ll deliver a copy of the repair specifications to you, along with a letter confirming the date the repairs were completed and referencing the warranty on repairs and replacements. This will then close your claim.

Other resolution options