When things just aren’t right, we’re here to help

Contact the Claim Assessor

If you’ve filed a claim to seek a resolution and you’re not satisfied with the outcome in the Claim Assessment Report, your first step is to contact your Claim Assessor and Technical Advisor who will review your concerns.

Review with Claims Management

If, after speaking with your Claim Assessor, you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may request to have management review your claim. Please submit your request in writing, along with a detailed description of your concerns.

Escalate to the Complaints Officer

If you’re still unsatisfied with the decision after review with both the Claim Assessor and management team, you may contact the NHWICC Complaints Officer at [email protected] who will complete a review of the homeowner’s concerns with the assessment. This may involve additional contact with the homeowner and/or various other parties involved in the claim assessment. You will be provided with a final position letter, including dispute options if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome.