ICwhatUC is a customer self-service support application that uses augmented reality to allow our Claims Assessment Team to diagnose and communicate directly with a homeowner through the camera of a smartphone.

In light of ongoing developments resulting from COVID-19, the New Home Warranty Insurance (Canada) Corporation (NHWICC) has been limiting in-home inspections to only those valid claims involving urgent health and safety matters. The implementation of the ICwhatUC tool will allow our Claims Assessment Team to expand their scope of claims inspections during the pandemic.

What types of claims can be inspected virtually?
All claims submitted by a homeowner are currently being reviewed against NHWICC’s criteria for remote inspections. Not all claims are fit for this type of assessment and will generally fall under the following conditions:

  • The claims should have issues that could be considered readily apparent
  • 10 or fewer issues on the claim
  • First year workmanship issues or straightforward Delivery and Distribution or Building Envelope issues

Any safety or health-sensitive claims will continue to be handled with in-person inspections.

Can builders participate in the virtual inspection?
ICwhatUC does not currently allow for 3rd party integration, meaning the inspection will be between NHWICC and the homeowner only. Our teams are working together to identify ways to adapt the ICwhatUC technology to allow for 3rd party integration in the future.

While builders are not able to join the virtual inspection at this time, every inspection is recorded, and a video link will be sent to the Builder for their records. We encourage you to share any information with your Claims Assessor pertinent to the claim or homeowner when you receive the video link.

NHWICC will respect current safety protocols with respect to action issues but will require a letter of extension from the Builder if no action has taken place after 35 days.

Can I see a demo of ICwhatUC?
If you would like to see how this new tool works, please contact our team at [email protected] to arrange for a live demo.

If you have any questions about this new process, please contact your Account Manager, or our Claims Assessment team at 1.800.352.8240 or [email protected].