Dispute Resolution

At CHWPP we want you to be completely satisfied with your New Home Warranty. If for any reason, a homeowner disagrees with the claims assessment process still has additional courses of action. 


Mediation helps bring the participants to a mutually acceptable agreement, often within a very short timeframe.

Mediation is effective in resolving most issues between our Builder Members and their customers. There is no fee for this service, in which an impartial moderator facilitates discussion and explores solutions between purchaser and builder.

Prior to the filing of a valid claim,The Program continues to offer mediation to help resolve issues related to the contract between a homeowner and home builder.

Request for Assistance

If you need The Program’s help to resolve a complex issue or a dispute with a Builder Member, the first step is to submit a Request for Program Assistance through our Homeowner Portal. (To log on for the first time, use your personal invitation code in your Homeowner Policy Package.)

You can also contact a Solutions Representative at 1 800 352 8240 who will listen to your concerns and explain the dispute resolution options available to you depending on whether your New Home Warranty Policy date is before or after February 1, 2014 (and why the detail matters!)

Finally, you have the option to contest your claims assessment by filing an appeal under the Insurance Act.

Legislated Dispute Resolution Process

The New Home Buyer Protection Act refers to a legislated dispute resolution process outlined in the Alberta Insurance Act. Here is the link if you want to find out more.  The legislated dispute resolution process is limited to the terms of your New Home Warranty as outlined in your Homeowners Policy so make sure you keep your policy expiry date in mind.